The Wayland & Harvard Skylights team here at LaBelle Roofing can make your windowless spaces warm and inviting by installing Sun Tunnels by VELUX. These ingenious solar tube skylights are installed between the roof and the ceiling to capture daylight outdoors and deliver it to specific areas of your home’s interior that currently require artificial lighting.

Sun Tunnels – High-Quality Solutions for Low-Light Locations

Sun Tunnel skylights are available in 10 or 14-inch diameter configurations and come with up to 20-year manufacturer warranties from industry-leading VELUX. They’re designed for easy, fast installation:

  • A durable clear dome with flashing is integrated into your roof to collect light.
  • Highly-reflective tubing is connected to the dome and run down to the interior ceiling.
  • An attractive round diffuser is connected to the solar tube and installed flush with the ceiling to let daylight reach your desired location.       

                Before Sun Tunnel                                       After Sun Tunnel Installation

Labelle Sun Tunnel                 Labelle Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnel Offers Options To Perfectly Match Your Interior Lighting Needs

Installing traditional skylights or roof windows often isn’t feasible in isolated areas of your home that could benefit the most from natural light, such as a stairwell, corridor, walk-in closet, laundry room, interior bathroom, or storage room. VELUX offers two practical and affordable Sun Tunnel solutions that are specifically designed to let the sun’s warm glow illuminate these areas of your home:

 Rigid tunnels provide the brightest light, and are available in several different profiles to match specific roof styles. They’re ideal for locations where there’s a straight path from roof to ceiling and for long runs.Rigid Sun Tunnel
Flexible tunnels can deliver diffused sunlight to locations that are more difficult to access. The flexible tube’s maneuverability makes it easy to work around attic obstacles, and in areas where short runs make it impossible to fit a rigid tunnel.Flexible Sun Tunnel


Wayland & Harvard Skylights by LaBelle Roofing: Your Local VELUX Sun Tunnel Experts

Our skilled team at the Wayland & Harvard Skylights division of LaBelle Roofing has decades of installation expertise with VELUX products. We’ve earned the highest-possible independent installer certification from VELUX – 5 Stars – through our dedication to meeting and exceeding the manufacturer’s rigorous standards for training, craftsmanship, skill, and customer service.


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