Roofing Repairs

A close up view of shingles being blown off a roof and other roof damage

In need of non-emergency roof repair services?

Please call our office at 508-358-7663, or email

We will set up an appointment to diagnose and estimate your repair work. Our professional roofing crew will take apart your affected area and put it back together quickly and carefully, and clean up everything afterwards. We group our repair work and dispatch crews roughly within two weeks at the most.

Please note this is not an emergency service and we do not have a 24-hour turnaround on repairs. However, we do offer emergency ice dam and snow removal services.

Typical Roof Leaks:

Most roof leaks commonly occur around the usual roof protrusions, such as chimneys, skylights, plumbing exhaust pipes, and also at some roof to wall junctions.
Loose or missing shingles — caused by storm damage or age deterioration, nail holes, ridge caps, insects and/or rodents — can also be the source of many leaks.

Diagnosing the Potential Problem:

An experienced roofing professional can normally pinpoint the source of the roof leak quickly and present a plan of action. Depending on the extent of the problem and the age of the roof, it can make more sense to replace a damaged roof than to make multiple repairs that may not prevent the same or more complex issues later.

Possible Roof Leak Treatment:

In general, the leaky area will be removed and repaired using new materials and flashings. In some cases, we will need to remove and replace an area of siding on the outside of the house, where water has leaked through. Something you want to avoid at all cost is letting the issue go on long enough for water damage to occur to your exterior walls.

If the leaky roof is old or has multiple layers of roofing material on it, repairs may not be a viable option, because old and dried-out shingles can be as brittle as a graham cracker. Trying to blend new shingles with old shingles may be impossible due to size, variance, age, visual appeal, availability, and fragility.

Find A Qualified Professional:

Many companies do not make roof repairs or offer services outside of their immediate regional area. Look for a local company that specializes in roofing repair work, and gives every customer a free estimate. Always be certain that whomever you hire to do your roof repair work is licensed and insured. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks roofing as the sixth most dangerous profession).

Be sure to leave roofing repairs to the professionals. They have the safety skills and the knowledge needed for roofing issues. Most of the time, repairs can stop a leak and prolong the life of your roof. To avoid the extensive and costly damage to your roof structure and your home’s interior and exterior, be sure to address all leaky roof issues promptly by calling on the professionals.

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