Are Skylights Worth the Investment?

The sky is the limit…and by “sky,” I mean skylights – magical little pieces of glass that carry aesthetic appeal as well as practical functionality.  For example, skylights can transform a room…

No skylight

From an attic vibe…

Den with Skylight

to a  room you’d be proud to bring guests into!



into a dramatic room like this:







Kitchen and Skylights


For homeowners today, there have been massive improvements in the technology and practicality of skylight windows.

Solar panels and automatic wind sensors imbedded in the units are only two examples of these upgrades.

With a little bit of imagination, any room  instantly becomes full of light and natural warmth..



Cool Facts about VELUX Skylights

  • They are waterproof – with three waterproofing layers, Velux is confident enough in their product to offer an impressive warranty.
  • Shades are available – Gone are the days when a skylight means global warming of the home. There are options for blackout shades, venetian and even solar blinds.
  • Accessorize! – Skylights come with options such as  insect screens, security locks, and can be opened or closed via convenient electronic devices – eliminating the need for ladders or cranks for fresh air.
  • Same as people, they come in many shapes and sizes – large and small squares, sweet round “sky tunnels,”  rectangles, trapezoids and even hatches.

Interested in the possibilities?

Please contact the professional installers at LaBelle Roofing. We would love to provide a trustworthy quote, and explain the significant federal tax credits now available through VELUX.

written by

Rob LaBelle