The Latest Velux® Skylights are energy-efficient and contain self-cleaning glass!skylight glass choices

VELUX® strives for impressive, cutting edge technology – and they have certainly continued to accomplish that with their Clean, Quiet, & Safe glass.  Recommended for window applications that are out of reach, this glass type has a smoother surface than regular glass, which enables it to shed water and dirt quickly, eliminating the need for manual skylight cleaning!

Features of Neat® glass:

  • Self-cleaning – When the sun’s UV rays react with the titanium dioxide in Neat glass, any organic materials on the surface begin to decompose.  Any subsequent rain washes the debris clean.  
  • Smooth surface – The manufacturing methods of this glass utilize silicon dioxide to make the product incredibly, microscopically smooth – more so than the ordinary window.
  • Energy Efficiency – When combined with VELUX®’s LoE glass, Neat® produces the ultimate energy efficient window, protecting your home from summer’s heat and winter’s chill – with potential energy bills of up to 25% each year.
  • Tempered Glass for your skylightsQuiet – This type of glass reduces exterior noise by 25% when compared with a standard double pane window, and up to 50% when compared with plastic skylights.

Tempered glass:

At LaBelle, we love working with VELUX® products – because they are fine-tuned and developed for optimal performance within your home.  Contact our LaBelle professionals for more information on choosing the right glass for your skylight needs.