chimney and masonry services offered by labelle roofing

Chimney and Masonry Services

The most leak prone area of your home is your chimney.

Roof protrusions require specialized flashing to ensure a waterproof seal. This applies to any hole in your roofing system – chimney, skylight, plumbing exhaust pipe or ventilation stack.

Chimneys rely on both aluminum step flashing and lead counter flashing at the base of the chimney. These flashings are more susceptible to leaks and are your roof’s inherent weak spots.

Chimneys present additional unique challenges:

  1. The bricks are porous and can absorb water, which can then leach down behind the flashing and into your home.
  2. The cap at the top of your chimney can deteriorate and leach water as well.
  3. Improperly lined chimneys, commonly found in older homes, can allow water to collect on the jagged interior surfaces of the chimney – again allowing water to enter your home.
  4. Chimney bonnets act as umbrellas for your chimney to deflect water away from the chimney interior, yet these are often missing.

LaBelle Roofing has partnered with an experienced mason to offer you the latest solutions. Call us today if your chimney needs re-pointing, a new masonry cap, waterproof sealants for the bricks or a chimney bonnet.



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