Are you an empty nester thinking of selling your home? Older adults with a leaking or aging roof are always wary to replace if they are selling their home in the near future. In real estate, there is a well-known mantra that updating kitchens and bathrooms is always a sound investment.  Lesser known is that roofing gives you an 80% return on your investment!

Why Invest in a Roof Before Selling?

Most realtors agree it’s most important to keep the existing structure sound and add luxuries later. Buyers want to take basic systems for granted, as a leaky roof can put a quick damper on any dream kitchen or bath. When considering a new roof, remember that a new roof also guarantees a sound return.

Tips for Investing in Your Roof:

Get Educated

Your home is one of your largest investments, so it’s best to learn about and have a thorough understanding of roof protection systems. It is always smart to start with a roof inspection so trained professionals can give you an educated analysis of your roof’s condition and help you create a plan of action.

Stay Dry

For most roofs, you will want to create a leak-proof barrier that blocks water resulting from ice, rain or snow. A sealed roof also helps to prevent rot and mold. You will next want a shingle with a strong adhesion, to resist blow offs and to shed water. Thirdly, you will need adequate ventilation. Relieving heat and moisture prevents buildup which can also lead to mold and rot.

Choose Quality

Manufacturers carry multiple grades of roofing components, so here it’s important to pay particular attention. Be aware of  the span of choices and which grade best fits your needs and budget.

Replacing your roof is a major job but also a worthwhile investment. It’s important to take into account structural integrity, insulation values and energy costs, aside from the roofing materials used. Very often the energy savings of a new roof can offset the cost of multiple repairs or costly insurance claims.

Whether you are considering replacing a roof due to selling your home or staying put for a while and experienced roofing problems, in either case a new roof is a very sound investment.  In both scenarios, you are maximizing your commercial property value. Your sound returns include an 80% return on investment, energy savings, increased comfort level, increased safety and security, added curb appeal and an intact strong warranty for yourself or the new lucky homeowner.

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