Which Shingle Should I Pick?

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Which Shingle and Color is Right for You?
Very often customers call LaBelle Roofing and panic about choosing a shingle color for their new roof.  This is understandable, as a roof is a capital expense and customers will be living with their new investment for a long time to come.

 Choosing a color  from a small booklet sample is difficult – it’s akin to picking a paint color from the small square sample you pick up at any paint store.  Even a larger sample does not take into account light and the impact of colors in the surrounding environment. We at LaBelle Roofing will always provide you with a listing of locations with colors of interest, so you can drive by and see the colors in “real time.” In fact, we suggest you drive by on a cloudy day and a sunny day, as color can vary dramatically with different lighting.


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Why Roofs Give You a High Return on Investment

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Are you an empty nester thinking of selling your home? Older adults with a leaking or aging roof are always wary to replace if they are selling their home in the near future. In real […]

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LaBelle Roofing and Save-A-Dog Team Up to Keep Shelter Dogs Warm

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Every Dog Needs a “Roof!”
As a trusted member of the community, LaBelle Roofing often “gives back” with community projects. Labelle Roofing recently provided free services to install a new Owens Corning Roofing System on the […]

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Roof Replacement? A Wise Decision
Many homeowners think of kitchen and bathroom renovations as adding to the value of their home. Roofing does not readily come to mind, but it is equally valuable. According to Remodeling’s “Cost vs. Value 2013 Report,” replacing a roof yields a 63 percent return on investment (ROI), which is on par with a bathroom or major kitchen remodel.  […]

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Chimney & Masonry Services

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Chimney and Masonry Services
The most leak prone area of your home is your chimney.

Roof protrusions require specialized flashing to ensure a waterproof seal. This applies to any hole in your roofing system – chimney, skylight, […]

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The Harsh Reality About Ice Dams

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Ice dams are a huge problem in the New England area, especially around the Boston Metrowest. Ice dams form when snow on the rooftop melts and then re-freezes at the colder, bottom edge of the roof.  They receive their name because they hold water like any dam does. Your roof is designed to shed, rather than hold, water. When trapped water finds its way under your shingles it can wreak havoc, potentially causing serious damage to the interior of your home. Although gutters can exacerbate the problem, ice dams can and do form without gutters. […]

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Choosing the Right Glass

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The Latest Velux® Skylights are energy-efficient and contain self-cleaning glass!
VELUX® strives for impressive, cutting edge technology – and they have certainly continued to accomplish that with their Clean, Quiet, & Safe glass.  Recommended for window applications […]

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The Sky (light) is the Limit for your Home

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Are Skylights Worth the Investment?
The sky is the limit…and by “sky,” I mean skylights – magical little pieces of glass that carry aesthetic appeal as well as practical functionality.  For example, skylights can transform a room…


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